Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Oh boy today was a good day for pussy hunting. JJ scooped up a hot little number for us today. This girl was just walking down the street when he found her. She had no idea what was going to unfold once we got her back to the house. This honey got tag teamed and she loved it.
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Once in a while we lure some good great girls to our apartment and watch them go wild. Today was no acception. We best started off playing dirty bad dice with some young hotties then these nasty awesome girls decided to get fresh with EuroSexParties eachother. Renato and I could not get enough fucking freaky action from these sexy babes.

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A blonde went to a hair dresser's one day, listening to a walkman. The hair dresser asked her what she wanted, and the blonde replied, "I need to get my traumatic hair trimmed, just make sure that you do not take these headphones off." The woman busty looked at the blonde, surprised, but did as she was told. While she was brushing the blonde's hair, she accidentally awesome bumped the fantasy headphones, knocking them to the ground. level As she bent street down to pick them up, the blonde fell over, onto the floor. The many hair dresser was very confused. She love picked up the head phones and listened. This is what she heard..."breath in...breath out...breath in...breath out..."!
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Today started off with a short car ride that got pretty nasty in traffic. Once we got the party girls to the house they started popping bottles of champagne in the hot tub. The bubbly was everywhere and the sex was wild. Jacuzzi sex is the best with three hot babes that will do anything for some crazy fucking action.
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There was three blondes at the University of Texas. The Dean gave them the job of measuring the height of the new flagpole. So they put the EuroSexParties flag pole in the base and are then on ladders trying to measure the flagpole. Finally an architect walks by and sees they are having trouble so he takes the pole out of the ground and lays it down and pulls out his tape measure and measures the pole. He writes the measurement on a piece of paper and walks away. The blondes look at EuroSexParties each other and say "Just like those damn architects give us length when we wanted height.
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